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Marriage is not cheap.

You may know some people who think that marriage is a quick and easy way to get the romantic, carefree life they’ve always wanted.

They think that marriage is a way to make life easier.

To a certain extent that’s true.

The alternative to marriage/relationship is remaining single. It’s not easy to be alone all the time.

However, as D. S. Coleman points out on HuffPost, marriage comes with its own significant costs.

Coleman identifies the three biggest “costs” of marriage as:

  • the loss of your autonomy
  • the loss of your agenda
  • the loss of your selfishness

Things Worth Losing

Here is the key question:

So what?

Are these losses that important? Sure, everybody wants to have their own thing going, but where in the scheme of things should that be placed?

Wouldn’t life get pretty boring if it was always about you?

Something Larger

I think we are here to connect with something larger than ourselves.

Our lives attain meaning by being affiliated with a higher purpose. Marriage is a primary vehicle for facilitating that transcendence.

This is the heart of the life insurance purchase. People realize that in getting married and having children, they have broadened their lives beyond their own selves.

They’ve committed to something that could and should continue beyond their own particular lives. And they buy life insurance to secure the money to make that happen.