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Hope for happier and healthier families

by Amy Greene |

Today’s children are the leaders of the future.

When our children are raised with their needs met, they have a higher chance to succeed, make better decisions, feel compassion, confident, socialize with love and are happy!

If you’re a working parent who is struggling with feeling overwhelmed from balancing home and work, tired, scared and resentfulthis summit is for you!

If you’re a parent who’s been having trouble finding the time to take care of yourself and family, or finding a harmonious stress-free lifestyle, read carefully.

My dear friend and colleague, Stanlee Palmisano, is hosting an online summit titled: Hope for Working Parents that launches on * May 4, 2023.

Each of these topics will be discussed by a remarkable, renowned speaker who specializes in a parenting-related field.

Among other topics, the Hope for Working Parents summit will also address:

  • Struggling with loss of identity
  • Experiencing lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits
  • Experiencing emotional and mental stress since having children.
  • Step by step strategies on how to make life better for parents and their children with better communication
  • Establishing an easier and more harmonious daily routine
  • Learning how to create a more joyful home with happier parents and children
  • Addressing your financial challenges andmaking your money work for you

As a featured speaker on this summit, I’m giving away complimentary tickets to my entire email list!

Join here – https://hopeforparentsnow.com/amygreene

Click now to get FREE access.

I’ll be seeing you there!