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How Can I Make My Dreams Come True?

Floating in the middle of the sea south of Thailand, there is a fishing village called “Ko Panyi.” The kids there loved to watch soccer, but had nowhere to play or practice….but they didn’t let that stop them. In 1986, inspired by the World Cup, they decided to form their own team and became a great inspiration for new generations on the island. This film is a re-enactment of their quest, based on interviews with the original team and featuring local children rebuilding the field on location.

American kids and their parents can learn a lot from these folks. Not everything has to be handed to you. You have the power to make things happen. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Can you imagine how great our country could be if our future politicians and business leaders learn this lesson in their youth?

And by the way: life insurance is a great way to help fund your dreams for the future. Leave some of your benefit to the family member, to the local charity, or to the good cause of your choice. They will put that money to good use.