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How can I qualify for life insurance with a fatty liver?

I just found out that I don’t even qualify for insurance due to my fatty liver, which may be alcohol related. So what can I do? I can’t get rid of a fatty liver, even if it’s because of my diet or my meds. And it’s really important to me to leave money for my family. What are three things I can do to qualify for life insurance?


A fatty liver is a very common condition, and in some people may be a sign of serious liver disease. That is why underwriters look at it seriously. I have seen candidates greatly improve their health so that the diagnosis of a fatty liver is basically not a factor in underwriting. There are a number of things you can do to greatly enhance your insurability.

Important note: Be sure to consult with your doctor so that you can have the proper monitoring and control functions in place.

  • First of all, stop drinking alcohol. That is looked at very negatively for people with a liver condition.
  • Secondly, lose weight. The liver is often adversely affected by excess body weight. Consult with your doctor regarding your ideal weight.
  • Lastly, get a physical. Make sure you have the whole picture regarding your health and do not have to focus on any other medical concerns.

By the way – you still may qualify for coverage with a more lenient carrier.

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