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How to Feel Safe In The Skies

As the authorities investigate the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, we are left to ponder flight safety.

Haven’t we always said that riding in a plane is safer than riding in a car?

The answer is still yes… but yet we need to feel better about it.

Interestingly, life insurance can help us.

Flight insurance can help you feel less anxious

Why buy an extra life insurance policy just for your flight, when you already have coverage in force?

Believe it or not, that extra measure of security can help you feel less apprehensive about potential calamities.

Sound psychological research bears this out.

A few extra dollars in premium can give peace of mind a big boost.

The insurance industry is already coming through for some of the passengers

Initial payments have already been made to the families of some of the passengers.

They are due to regulations that require the disbursement of funds from reinsurers when an aviation disaster strikes – even before passenger deaths have been confirmed.

If and when this unfortunate confirmation is made, claims against the individual policies of the passengers can be processed quickly.

At least we can rest assured that should the worst happen, our loved ones will get the money they need.

Adventurers can get insured.

For those people whose sense of adventure remains high, reasonable rates for life insurance are available.  Sky divers, pilots, balloonists and other sky enthusiasts can get the coverage they need for their family and business.

One thing I admire about men and women who enjoy adventurous hobbies: they don’t let life get them down for too long. I take inspiration from them. Do you?