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What was the resolution you made this New Year’s Eve? Was it to make more money? Be less angry? Feel more love? Be less overweight?

Can you be guaranteed success in achieving any of your goals? I think so. Here’s the key: if you want to be a totally different person by the end of the year, be a smaller version of that different person on a daily basis. The incremental changes will add up.

For example: let’s suppose you want to be a less angry person – more tolerant, more patient. Every day, practice being more tolerant and more patient. Make it a habit to count to 10; bite your lip; smile and breathe; etc. Before long, you will be in the habit of getting less angry.

The same goes for any change you want to make in yourself. Start small. Be consistent. Make it a daily practice to be the change you want to see in yourself. Get it right, even if it’s a tiny improvement. Don’t get hung up on wanting to see the results.

Stay with the practice of being who you should be, and before long – let’s say, a year or so – you will have become that person.

Change works “from the inside out.”