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Imagine having a plan that you can see

by Angie Carlson |

Neither of you would choose anyone else to be married to.
Neither of you thought the income you have was possible.
Neither of you knew that financial stress could increase with income.
It makes no sense that MORE money causes MORE financial challenges.
You two feel confused and unsure about what to do next.
You each were told to go to college, borrow everything you need, and your jobs will provide enough to easily pay back the student loans while living the life you both dreamed of.
(That was a lie.)
While furious no one told either of you this decision would end like this, you both know that paying the loans back is your responsibility and you’ll find a way to do it.
The conversations about the student loans have only increased the anxiety because it just does not seem possible that there is a way out.
Especially with payments happening again.
The good news is you have clarity that you want your student loans gone ASAP.
And I have a plan that will free your marriage from this financial challenge.
I help couples that can talk about anything – except their money – experience less stress in their relationship with more money in the bank.
Imagine having a plan that you can see the student loan balances start to decrease, disappear, and be completely paid off.
Imagine your children not having the stress in their relationship that you’ve had in yours – because they saw Mom & Dad working on a plan that prevented them from considering student loans as a viable option for their college education.
This CAN be your reality.
Let’s get started.

Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

I help couples that struggle to communicate about money go from overwhelmed to heard and respected so that they can live out their ideal, shared future without financial stress.  The first step on that journey is to introduce yourself to me here: https://calendly.com/carlsonfinancialcoaching/15min