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Is THIS financial decision costing you MILLIONS?

by Angie Carlson |

77% of households who find themselves in this situation have NO CLUE it’s costing them that much.

And that decision is…

Financing items today on monthly payments that follow you for years. 

My client, H, has what’s considered to be a normal household income.

H started coaching because they were tired of the relentless financial stress.

  • Each attempt to get out of debt wasn’t working, so they stopped
  • Every unexpected expense turned into additional debt
  • Cashed out retirement to help cover the bills years before we worked together 

The main reason the client reached out for help?

H was ready to cash out retirement… again.

And they promised themselves once was enough, vowing to never repeat this mistake again.

It was time to do something different.

And they knew that was coaching with me.

Together, we looked at the overall picture.

  • How much were the payments
  • How much in taxes were paid for cashing out retirement
  • How much retirement was impacted by the debt

Using the unique process I provide for my clients, we calculated the debt payments were impacting their future to the tune of




(mic and jaw drops here)

It was past time to get to work.

And getting to work is exactly what we did.


We created, implemented, and worked on a customized plan.

Aligned their spending to the steps required to create their vision.

Some of the amazing results this client achieved:

• Confidence that paying off debt is achievable

• Cash flowed many repairs that would have turned into new debt prior to coaching

• Eliminated 25 expenses

• Reduction in financial stress and anxiety because THEY are in control.

In their own words.

“It (Financial coaching) gives you the confidence, having someone giving you feedback – this is what you accomplished, the feedback, and what you accomplished.  It is hard to measure your own growth – when someone else is watching, you see it.  Money is one of my stressors and (I) always had a negative attitude towards it – having someone help me get that past that is so helpful.”

I am extremely proud of this client.

Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

I help couples that struggle to communicate about money go from overwhelmed to heard and respected so that they can live out their ideal, shared future without financial stress.  The first step on that journey is to introduce yourself to me here.