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Growing Your Money Mindsets, Confidence, and Bank Accounts

by Tracy Latona |

What if I were to tell you that there was a LIFE HACK that got you out of debt or grew your savings account on average 4x faster than what you’ve tried so far on your own?

Would you do it?

Sure, you can do “research” or ask your broke friends how to manage money, but having a professional financial coach at your side is the LIFE HACK that will help you get the results you want.

Think about it like a personal trainer for your money.

You tried the budgeting apps, the money class, the debt payoff methods and got a pay raise, but you have trouble sticking to your plan and making it work for you.

I feel your stress and frustration. I’ve been there, too!

The problem isn’t the tools.

It’s that no one has shown you how to use the tools for your specific situation, helped you create a clear vision of where you want to go, and walked alongside you for accountability to get there.

Sure, it’s scary to invest in yourself and your future, but let’s face it.

What you’re doing on your own isn’t working the way you thought it would.

And staying the same is scary, too!

Here’s what my clients did on their own first, and what happened after they raised their hand for help:

-Spent years of their marriage trying to talk about money to get on the same page with their spouse, but ended up avoiding the topic or having money fights. Now, they’ve learned how to communicate about money, and it’s conversation to move forward, not an argument

-Lived in a pattern of paycheck to paycheck, chasing after the next pay raise thinking more income would solve the problem. Now, they feel like they got a pay raise, just by learning how to create structure and organization for their money through a budget that works for them and their goals, growing their money confidence

-Paid off debt, only to fall back in the cycle of using credit cards or taking out loans. Now, they’ve learned how to change how to think and feel about money, so the results they get last far beyond our time together

I know you’re ready to cut short how long it takes to work together with your spouse, pay off debt, and grow your bank account.

If you’re sick of staying in the same place you were last year and ready to have a coach who will help you stop money stress and be wildly generous, click the scheduling button!

We will set up a Money Strategy Session to see if working together with my Steward and Grow program is a good fit to help you:

-Create structure and organization through a budget that works for you, so you can stop money stress and gain confidence

-Ignite a vision for your finances, so you can have bite sized goals to keep you motivated

-Transform how you think and feel about money to create new habits, mindsets, and behaviors, so your results last far into the future, not just the time we work together

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. If you want to create life change in your money habits for the long haul, raise your hand and schedule our conversation!