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Is Your Husband a Real Man?

I have heard wives tell their husbands many reasons for why they should buy life insurance. These women speak about their financial dependence and need for security. (By the way, many women say this even when they themselves have established careers They still are sensitive to their codependence with their husband).

They try to encourage their husbands to face life realistically. “Death is part of life. We all go sometime. What if your time comes when we are still dependent on you? And what about your business? What about our church?”

These are all good, valid rationales for buying the product. On a very rare occasion, I hear this argument voiced: “Man up! You’re the man of the house. Do your job.” Again, bear in mind that this is often said by women who work.

Yep, that’s the bottom-line. When all is said and done, it comes down to buying life insurance because that is what the family man does. You work, you save, you provide, you protect. Man as protector.

Is this really an outmoded concept? Has gender-blending become so prominent that the idea of “man as protector” has fallen out of style?

Not with these young folks. The young men and women at “CounterCultured” claim that real men are out there, and they are who you want for a husband. As a matter of fact, they have identified ten qualities these men should have.

Take a look at their list. Does it work for you?