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Why Do Men Hate Women?

This is a continuation of my post from yesterday, “Is Your Husband a Real Man?”

We will go a little deeper today and focus on a possible root of male-female problems.

Let’s suppose we were to tally up all the tragic incidents of man’s inhumanity to man.

We will go back all throughout history.

Which group would have caused the most suffering to which other group?

What do you think?

Would it be to totalitarian regimes trying to subjugate other nations?

Would it be religious crusaders attempting to impose their beliefs on “nonbelievers?”

Would it be gentiles against Jews?

Muslims against Christians?

White against blacks?

No doubt that many, many of these people have been victimized throughout time.

Nonetheless, I think the dubious “winner” here is, without a doubt, men mistreating women.

Think about all the rape, pillage,and plunder. Think about all the domestic abuse. Think about all the second-class treatment in the home, in business, in schools. All the harassment in public: on the sidewalks, in the subway. How about all the religious persecution? Then, once you get into the media with all the ads, the songs, the styles… you see how pervasive this predation can be.

What is going on here? Why on earth would the male of the species make a habit of degrading his female counterpart? Let me take the question a step further: let’s suppose that the holistic philosophies are true. Let’s consider that men and women are two sides of the same coin. That one is incomplete without the other. That through physical, emotional, and intellectual union, we create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. That in doing so, we complete ourselves.

In that light, our question becomes even more pressing. Why would men reject – sometimes with the most brutal of violence – that part of “himself” that he so essentially needs? It seems, then, that our question is really not, “Why do men hate women?” It is more like, “Why do men hate themselves?”

This is a very intimidating idea. Who wants to go around thinking he hates himself? But, doesn’t it make sense? If you have been involved in any close relationships, haven’t you picked up on this very strange phenomenon: when you get mad at people, isn’t it because they remind you of a part of yourself that you do not like? The reflection of ourselves that we see in them is not at all what we want to be. So, we lash out. But we do recognize in some way (hopefully) that breaking the mirror doesn’t change the image. To do that, we have to develop ourselves as a better person. Then, when we see ourselves in others, we will like what we see.

This understanding has tremendous implications for male-female relationships in all walks of life. It would certainly make the purchase of life insurance easier for couples. Can you imagine how much easier the decision would be if they saw each other as partners? Suppose one spouse made more money than the other. If he saw his wife as an equal partner in the household, then both the process of buying the product, as well as the final outcome, would be much more satisfying. The “power thing” would be kept at a minimum.

We will have to talk further about how the hate – or love – men have for themselves affects their lives. How it cannot not only impact family finances, but society in general… not to mention the entire world. This is certainly a very deep topic, but is no doubt worth our time and attention.

What are your initial thoughts?+