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It’s like childbirth

by Amy Greene |

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in?

I have.

I grew up with my parents driving older cars. My father is a mechanic and would keep them running long after most people would even dare. We’d repair, fix, and change engines. They’d keep running.

Even today, my father drives a 24 year old vehicle.

My first car was a legit beater. It was already 10 years old with well over 100,000 miles on it. It was a manual transmission, hand-crank windows, the gas gauge always read empty and the AC never worked. (Did I mention I lived in Georgia at the time?)

I had saved up $800 making $4.25/hour. I paid $700 for that car. A 1983 Ford Escort. 4-Door, hatch back.

I loved that thing. It was mine.

And my friends made fun of it. A LOT.

I never fit in when it came to our cars. All of my friends got brand new cars when they turned 16. Their parents drove nice, new cars, too.

I flaunted my Escort around like a badge of honor. I worked HARD for that car, and I LOVED it.

Working to buy that car in cash and have it be MINE is a lesson I’ll never forget.

Today, our cars are 11 and 12 years old. Both have over 100k miles on them. And both are well cared for and maintained by trusted mechanics.

They’re paid for. And we’re saving for our next car purchase. IN CASH.

I’ll never fit in when it comes to our cars, and I’m okay with that.

Letting go of what other people think is a freedom I cannot explain.

There’s no pressure to keep up. I just do what’s best for us. And we have more money to save, invest, and plan for our future. To buy the next car in cash, to save for kid’s college, to save for retirement, Christmas, or a vacation.

There’s freedom in not fitting in.

If you’re feeling the pressure to fit in based on what other people are doing, or what they might say/think/do, I encourage you to let it go.

They don’t pay your bills. And, quite frankly, it’s none of your business what they think of you anyway.

When you stop caring what other people think, you’re on your way to creating the life you dream of.

Because creating the life you dream of requires you to refocus and prioritize your money. And when you start to say no to things, you’ll stop fitting in in some circles.

And it can be hard.

But I can tell you that it’s so worth it.

Are you ready to stop fitting in? To stop caring what others think of your choices? To start making choices that resonate with your priorities, values, and dreams?

What’s one choice you can make today that will lead you closer to where you want to go, to who you wish to be?

  • Maybe it’s to ask yourself, “If no-one were to see this thing I’m about to buy, would I still buy it?”
  • Maybe it’s “How can I let go of so-and-so’s feelings when I say I can’t do the expensive thing they want me to do with them? Their feelings, reactions, and opinions aren’t your responsibility. And they’re none of your business.
  • Maybe it’s saying no to your spouse or child(ren) on things you don’t have the time or money or energy for.

It’s in making these hard choices that we create the lives we dream of living. Taking control of our money requires us to make choices that feel oh so hard in the moment. But, like childbirth, those pains are quickly forgotten as we realize the positive results of our difficult choices.

Tell me, what’s one thing you’ll do to stop fitting in with the crowd and start moving towards the future you dream of? Reply to this email and let me know!

Here’s to not fitting in!



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