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Kendrick Taylor on Doing the Right Thing

Audio engineering student and navy veteran Kendrick Taylor was on his way to the gym when he sensed something was wrong.

He looked to his left and was shocked to see a man robbing an elderly woman. Kendrick could not ignore the injustice like the other onlookers. Instead, without a thought of reward or recognition, Kendrick ran over to help, tackling the assailant and holding him until the police arrived.

And then what did he do, after such a harrowing experience? Kendrick called his mother – and then did his thing at the gym.

Watch his interview with Ellen Degeneres for a special surprise.

“Do-gooders” are some of my favorite people to insure. Sure, some of them enter dangerous situations and turn out to be heroes. But not every do-gooder stops a dangerous criminal. What they do all share in common is a strong desire to do the right thing: live right, do right by others, eat right, make the most of themselves. A lifestyle like this translates into high insurability.