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Power for the Good

Would you take out a life insurance policy with a benefit so large, that your spouse and children would have more money than they had ever dreamed possible? Many of us would say emphatically, “No!” Our thinking would be like this: money is power, and power corrupts. Absolute power – or at least more power than someone has ever handled – corrupts absolutely. We could probably envision our family members leading crazy, self-indulgent lives, and wasting countless dollars on frivolous things, when it could all be used to promote so much good.

Insurance companies would think the same way, and would not issue a policy that could not be morally or financially justified.

But is it true that no one could manage enormous wealth responsibly? What about you? What would you do if you had access to an unlimited supply of money?

This is really an astounding question. It is not the same question as, “What would you do if you did not have to work anymore?” Nor is it like, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” The difference lies in the power you would have. For example, the idea of not having to work anymore only means that your basic needs would be taken care of – your lifestyle would be maintained without your working to support it. The idea of winning the lottery only means that you could upgrade your lifestyle. In both cases, you are simply “free” to do what you “really” want to do because you do not have to earn money to support yourself.

The notion of having access to an unlimited supply of money is quite different, however. There are no limits here. You do not have to stay put in your current lifestyle, or even one many measures more affluent. You do not have to restrict your thinking to your own dreams, or those of your loved ones. You can literally afford to think bigger than you ever thought possible. You can imagine yourself as a world player. Maybe THE world player.

Think about that for a second. It is no longer a question of buying that dream house, or having one built with every feature and amenity possible. You can buy tracts of land the size of a state. You could buy an island. You could probably buy a country.

It is no longer a question of buying the best food, and clothing, and personal services. You could buy whole farms, and corporations, and even control entire industries with takeovers of every company available.

It is no longer a case of donating to the right charities, and forming the right foundations, to promote good causes. With an endless supply of money, you could buy and build all that would be needed to eliminate cancer, and feed the hungry, and liberate every oppressed person on the planet.

You could buy the influence needed to win elections; push governments into (or out of) wars; and set the foreign and domestic policies of virtually every nation. You could shape every economy in every corner of the globe, from the local flea market to global exchanges.

You could even direct the growth of humanity. You could designate the person of your choice – or for that matter, yourself – as The Most Influential Person on Earth. You could take over every media outlet and form new ones as needed. Your message – the gospel according to YOU – could dominate the internet, TV, radio, and printed publications, as well as every town meeting, water cooler conversation, and family chat around the dinner table.

Think about that power. It would take a person of world-class character to wield world-class power righteously. Amazingly, history has been dominated by such people. Here is how mental toughness expert Steve Siebold describes them:

“Professional performers have a clear understanding of their personal power, as well as their power to influence, inspire, motivate and persuade other people. The world class wants to become more powerful for the purpose of expanding their influence. Amateurs who develop or acquire power can be lethal weapons. If you want to see the true character of a man, give him power…. Grant power to the pros, and they will use it for good.”

“Champions use power to help themselves and to help other people, without becoming attached or addicted. The great ones know all power is temporary; the only purpose it serves is to help and liberate people… Power in the hands of the great ones is what’s responsible for the growth and success of civilization.” (1)

We all have the potential to be world class. In the right hands, enormous wealth can make a world of difference.

(1) Steve Siebold, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class (United States: London House, 2010) pp.149-150