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I grew up at a time when milk was still being delivered to your home. True, it was phasing out; but was since replaced by pizza delivery, Chinese food delivery, and a host of other home delivery services.

The home delivery guy was such a part of the culture, that dirty jokes became popular about the home delivery guy and the lonely housewife at home:).

It looks like those days are coming to a close.

Family Wealth Watch recently posted an article about home delivery with drones. Certainly, the technology has to be perfected, and environmental and liability considerations need to be addressed. But it looks like the dollars will make sense, and home delivery can be made even more efficient.

One downside, of course, is that society in general loses a basic level job. Many people, especially teens and seniors, become home delivery drivers.  You don’t need a lot of skills – just be a good driver, and be reliable.

Perhaps there will be room for both drivers and drones in the economy of the future.

“The company is betting that customers will demand drones for the time savings and eventually, price savings. For a delivery 1.5 miles away, ground transportation averages 21 minutes; drones can make the trip in about 7 minutes. Uber Elevate is planning to unveil its own customized drone this year, reaching speeds up to 70 mph. The company is also bullish on vertical takeoff-vertical landing vehicles for people—and predicts you’ll be tapping an Uber Air button on your smartphone by 2023.”