Should I Marry Somebody Who Buys Term Insurance?

Dating websites can be pretty personal with their profile questions. Yet, how many ask about preference in life insurance product?

What is that? You don’t think they should? Of what relevance to marriage is the selection of a life insurance product? Well, I think you may be surprised at what you can learn about a person in the term vs. permanent debate.

Here are some examples:

People who prefer term might be considered short-term thinkers, whereas people who prefer permanent might be long-term thinkers.

“Term people” might have a narrow focus, concentrating only on coverage; “perm people” might have a wider focus in thinking, since they care about both death benefit and also cash value.

Term buyers might be more risk-takers in assuming they will be insurable when the policy renews, and they then want to buy new coverage. Perm buyers might be more conservative in assuming they might not be insurable later, so they lock into rates early.

Of course, such old-fashioned criteria as looks, manners, and sense of humor apply as much as ever. But when you are on that first date, don’t be shy about bringing up the topic of life insurance. You might learn something very useful about your prospective mate 🙂

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