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Should I Pray When I Buy Life Insurance?

Would praying help you buy life insurance?

Would it help you to make any other financial purchase?

I think so.

Self-development expert Joe Vitale talks about how prayer works in this recent post.

He stresses the importance of a spirit of gratitude.

The wisdom of requesting, rather than begging.

The need to act on your insights, inspiration, and intuition.

Here is what he says about acting:

We co-create results. The Higher Power (God, Divine, Universe, etc) works through you, not for you. When you see an opportunity, seize it. When you receive an inspiration, act on it. You are the missing ingredient in most results from prayer. The famous joke about the man who prayed to win the lottery but was reminded to buy a ticket, is good to remember.

How does this apply to the purchase of life insurance? Well, let’s suppose you sat down in a quiet place and said the following to yourself:

“May my family members live long and prosperous lives.

May my business reach new heights of success.

May all the charities and good causes that I support flourish.

May they all have everything they need for financial security and financial growth.

In this spirit, I buy this life insurance policy to help make sure this all will happen”.

It seems to me that buying life insurance with this mindset could be a very blessed event.

What do you think?