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Step Into Who You Want To Be

by Tracy Latona |

Financial stress is something that 90% of Americans deal with, according to a survey from Thriving Wallet. Are you in the majority? Let’s take a step back and see how taking control of your finances would provide more time for what matters most, money, peace of mind, and allow you to be the person you want to be.

The focus this week is: Step Into Who You Want To Be.

How in the world does taking control of your finances allow you to step into who you want to be? Consider this: If you’re a parent who wants to be patient with their kiddo, but your kid asking for McDonalds is the straw that breaks the camel’s back and you shout because there just isn’t any money left. Or you WANT to be generous and give to that cause that means so much to you, but there’s barely enough to feed your family before the month runs out. Perhaps you want to bless your family or friends with a day on the lake or a trip to Disney, but you have to work obscene amounts of overtime just to make ends meet. Maybe you want to be a better spouse, but the money fights just keep coming, and that causes a rift between you two…

Taking control of your finances removes the financial stress that allows you to have a longer fuse, frees up income to give generously, allows you the time and resources to have fun with those you love, and creates a plan with communication, agreement, and accountability that builds your marriage. How does that sound to you?

Action Items:

-Reflect on who you want to be that you aren’t currently, and what’s causing that.

-Decide that you are setting patterns you want to change down, and stepping into the person you are working towards.

-Create a system and process to help you get there, including taking control of your finances.

Tracy Latona
Golden Rose Financial Coaching