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Stop Being a Student

by Amy Green |

Getting straight A’s in high school and college hasn’t served me one bit as an entrepreneur.

Ouch. That stings, doesn’t it? (I know it does for me!).

But here’s the truth:

👉 There’s no Honors Society or Magna Cum Laude in business.

👉 There’s no syllabus to follow for how to launch, grow, and work in your business.

👉 There’s no textbook with detailed instructions on how to set up shop, bill clients, and manage the rollercoaster of emotions you experience on the daily (despite having an MBA in Entrepreneurship…😬).

👉 No one tells you how to overcome your fear of “putting yourself out there.”

👉 And there’s definitely no guidelines for how to manage your own insecurities, stories, and mental blocks that are keeping you stuck from reaching your financial goals.

I’ve struggled with this for over 6 years, as I’ve been the Chief Everything Officer of my financial coaching business.

I just wanted to know HOW to do it.

If I know what’s on the test, I’ll ace it.

But that’s just the thing: there is no test to study for in entrepreneurship.

You’ve just got to put yourself out there and do the work on your own.

So that you can

💪 serve the people you long to help
💪 create the business that serves you back with income to live your best life
💪 live in your purpose, using your God-given skills to make the world a better place
And that can be scary as hell.

And since most of us are afraid to fail, to make a mistake, to do it wrong, we don’t show up or put ours at all.

And then we wonder why…

🤷 we don’t have clients lining up at the door,
🤷 we cycle through every single emotion multiple times in a day
🤷 our results aren’t consistent, predictable, and easy
🤷 we feel stuck and ready to quit yet we know we have a truly valuable service
As an entrepreneur – and more so as a solopreneur – we’ve got to get out of the student mindset and into that of a CEO if we want to realize and exceed our financial goals.


🎯 tries new things to see how they work
🎯 tweaks their experiments vs starting all over from scratch
🎯 gets out there and faces their fears regardless of how uncomfortable it is
🎯 believes fully in their ability to change client’s lives
🎯 knows that the only way to fail is to quit
It’s time you get yourself out of the student mindset and into that of the Bad-Ass CEO you are fully capable of being.

There’s no playbook. No curriculum. No test.

But there are experiments. Trial and error. Make it up as you go.

You get to have fun! You get to play!

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to start thinking like a CEO.

Now I know what you’re thinking: But Amy, you’re a financial coach. You work with solopreneurs on their money.

Yes, but money is so much more than the numbers.

It requires a CEO mindset to master your finances.

Are you ready to see how a CEO mindset can change everything in your business and your money, schedule a no-cost Discovery Call with me. We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and what’s been getting in your way. I promise, even if we don’t work together, you’ll walk away with some practical steps you can take to move you closer to your desired CEO self.

Let’s Go!


PS – Not a solopreneur? No worries! I still help couples and individuals learn how to manage their money so they can live the life they dream of AND have the money to enjoy it. You’re always welcome to schedule a call to see how much brighter your financial future could be.