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You won’t view $10 the same way after reading this.

Angie Carlson |

“But Angie, finding an extra $10 to put towards my debt doesn’t really change anything.”

I’m not surprised that you are thinking this, because I did too.

Because we’ve been conditioned to think spending $10 isn’t a big deal.

It makes total sense.

Impulse spending $10



is not going to make or break your finances.

Honestly, impulsing only $10 each month won’t either.

But, what about spending that unplanned $10

  • 30 times a month?
  • 500 times a year?
  • 8,000 times in a decade?

It does add up.  

With interest.

And this is how money can quickly disappear from your bank account, leaving you wondering “where does my money go”.

The good news is despite what is going on with the inflation, economy, and life happening…

I KNOW you have the skills to save $10 this week.

This first step is the foundation to start seeing more $$ go towards your financial goals.

And how my past client Jade started her journey to a $175K financial turnaround in 7 weeks.

$10 decisions can change EVERYTHING.

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