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Stop Forcing Your Budget To Do This

by Angie Carlson |

How this unfolded still has me shocked.

A lesson on trusting your spouse to have your best interest at heart, courtesy of my clients.

A little backstory:

~ These clients have been making huge strides in my program.

~ Finances are aligned to their goals.

~ Marriage has never been stronger.

So when the wife noticed her feeling about upgrading her van….

Couldn’t explain that she just KNEW something wouldn’t be right if they kept it…

Understanding her coach would not recommend taking on more debt…

She shared the feeling with her husband.

Who 100% supported the decision to upgrade the vehicle.

THEIR decision was made.

They go trade in their van for a newer model….

Sign the papers for the trade and purchase…

Gained 100K in mileage and peace of mind…


And before the end of the day, the dealership calls and says they cannot put the van on the lot to resell.

Turns out, there was a major repair on the horizon no one was able to see earlier that day.

The van that had a $7,000 value just hours before WENT TO SALVAGE!

The cost of the repair found by the dealership after trade in was complete? $8,000!!

The wife listening to her intuition SAVED THEM MONEY.

Without the stress of deciding to repair the van or buying another vehicle with a possible 2nd car payment.

Prior to coaching, the wife would have felt guilty and uncertain – and not considered the trade-in option.

As a result of coaching, she leaned into the uncertainty, listened to her intuition (even when this decision made NO SENSE looking at the numbers). Her husband trusted her to have their best interest at heart and provided his agreement.

Now they are celebrating that they learned how the voice of God speaks when they focused on a goal.

The lesson?

Stop forcing your budget to create all miracles on your financial journey.

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Angie Carlson – Carlson Financial Coaching

I help couples that struggle to communicate about money go from overwhelmed to heard and respected so that they can live out their ideal, shared future without financial stress.