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“If there is ANYONE out there searching for life insurance coverage for someone considered “high risk,” do not be discouraged, because there is someone out there who can help. That person is Steve Kobrin and I am so thankful that my husband and I found him.

After so many failed attempts and denials, Steve was a breath of fresh air and the light at the end of the tunnel.

The prequalification process, I thought at first was too good to be true. The fact is, it wasn’t. Steve really does take the time to have a prequalification interview via a phone conversation and does some background work for the potential insured. This provides such a one-on-one experience, all the facts are made known and he can really work to research your “unique” situation. He took the time to communicate everything that was needed and was eager to receive paperwork, previous denials, lab reports, etc., to get the job done. When we were notified that we prequalified, we were very happy, but still, we were skeptical, for we had been jaded by past experience and denials, even though I strongly believed Steve was different from our first contact.

Fast forward to the day we signed all the paperwork and sent our first payment, we were ecstatic! Steve really delivered what he promised! Wow!

The prequal allows the consumer to feel confident about the potential to receive coverage and, in this way, does not leave the consumer in limbo, wondering what can or can’t happen, which had been our previous experiences. Moreover, the prequalification quotes were true and on point as far as the final premiums go.

Additionally, any questions we had were answered in a more than timely manner. Along the way, Steve will alert you to the steps that are currently being worked on during the process, underwriting and all. It truly was the first positive experience we had had in our search for life insurance coverage for my “high risk” husband, and I don’t know what we would have done without Steve and his services!

Thank you so much Steve. You have relieved us of a major stressor in our lives!”