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Kevin D.

“I must admit I was skeptical as my wife told me to look at Steve’s website for Life Insurance.

I had been turned down before, and I heard that if you’re turned down for Life Insurance once, you may as well forget ever getting any. The ultimate black mark on any Life Insurance application is being turned down before.

But she kept badgering me, so I contacted Steve basically just to keep the peace in the house.

I was skeptical as he asked me questions in what he called a “prequalification” process — I was skeptical as he quoted me a low end and high end hypothetical price range — I was skeptical when the guy gave me a physical and drew blood — I was skeptical when Steve told me he got the results of the tests.

Then he called me and told me — not only had I been approved for Life Insurance — but I had been approved on the low end of the price range!

I wasn’t skeptical anymore.

I was relieved, surprised and extremely happy! I got life insurance! I sleep a little easier now. All thanks to Steve. He did all the grunt work. I just showed up for the physical and before I knew it — I was insured.

Thanks Steve. A huge cloud has been lifted from our house. And from my head.”