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Barton B.

“My wife and I recently decided to get life insurance policies as one part of our long term financial plan. Unfortunately for us, she was approved and I wasn’t. I have a rare blood condition that makes it look like I have leukemia (I don’t!), and as such, the insurance companies considered me to be uninsurable.

Luckily, my financial advisor had worked with Steven and had good results in the past. We first went through a prequalification process whereby Steven was able to gather more information about my condition and thus be able to find the carrier that would be most open to reviewing my application and take a “risk” on an otherwise healthy 32-year old soccer player and long distance runner!

Without that prequalification we would have kept applying to companies randomly and most likely would have gotten the same, unacceptable results.

Thanks to Steven and his work, I was able to get insurance by the first company he tried at a very reasonable rate. In addition, I was kept in the loop as to the progress of my application and the steps that I needed to take.

Thank you Steven; this means the world to me and my family!”