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Chris W.

“Guiding clients up Everest, climbing K2, flying from the Andes to Africa to Tibet and Pakistan, is my dream-come-true.

My dream just happens to be a life insurance nightmare.

I’ve grown my business by borrowing millions. All that debt has to be collatoralized by life insurance. In addition, I want to be certain my family is taken care of should an avalanche bury me alive. For years, only an excess market carrier would cover me. The coverage was only for Accidental Death and the premiums rose by 15% per year.

Then I heard about Steve Kobrin. He not only found me a far superior policy, he also saved me more than 50% in the first year alone. With this twenty year term, I should be able to save Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, while not risking the threat of non-renewal.

In addition, Steve’s service was amazing. He guided me with care and skill through the insurance maze, fighting a tight time-line.

I couldn’t be happier.”