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“Steve did a great job of prequalifying me. The process was quick, thorough, and got me great coverage with a first rate company.

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and knew I might have trouble getting coverage, so I shopped around. Steve specializes in tough cases like mine. He said he could get me the insurance I needed, and he did.

In fact, he was the only one able to get me life insurance, and he got me qualified with two companies.

Trust Steve. Tell the truth about any medical condition you have, so he can work as your advocate. I truly believe if Steve cannot get you insurance, then you can’t get it anywhere. He doesn’t judge you, question you, or make you uncomfortable. His level of service and follow-through is unmatched. Steve is the best insurance agent I have dealt with, period.

I own a small company that required all types of insurance, every one of them could learn from him. He is fast, efficient, and professional.

I had an agent (not Steve) in my home who told me he could get me life insurance, could not do it, so he tried to sell me insurance for my kids. He kept calling me back because he didn’t believe I got the coverage I was looking for.

Steve sold me what I needed, and what was best for me, not what was best for him. I wish he was the only insurance agent I had to deal with. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s the truth.”