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Gloria B.

“Steve Kobrin is a most honest, respectful and professional insurance agent. From the very start, he listens to your concerns and then researches various scenarios of policies that would best suit you.

He is patient in answering questions and never comes across as pushy or self-serving. The client’s integrity is always valued. His prequalification procedure prepares you for every step. He is in constant communication, letting you know what has transpired between you and the potental carrier. Knowing exactly what to expect for the medical exam saved me time and anxiety.

I personally had the experience of choosing to drop another carrier. My decision was two-fold. The first being that I was no longer happy with how my other policy might perform in the future. Secondly, I did not appreciate the bullying attitude of my other agent. I did not feel that my best interest was being considered. Optional scenarios were not presented until I made the decision to drop the policy.

I turned to Steve, who never belittled anyone, but did research to find another policy that worked for me. I asked a lot of questions as it was scary dropping a policy I’d had for many years. Steve answered them all and made me feel confident in my decision.”