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John S.

“I had worked with another agent for years. After discovering some issues with my heart, I was told by my agent that he could only find a renewal policy at a Standard Non-smoker rate, increasing my premiums almost 100%.

By chance, I responded to an Internet solicitation from a North Carolina broker, Johnny Watts, who proved to be a very good salesman. Johnny immediately referred me to Steve Kobrin, who responded quickly and was highly accessible throughout the process.

The prequalification approach Steve employs really put my health record under the microscope. Then, he worked for six months to locate a better alternative, not giving up after being turned down by his first choice carrier.

Ultimately, Steve obtained a Preferred Non-smoker rate — only about 40% higher than the rate I had gotten ten years ago, when I didnt have any of the heart issues — and 40% lower than the rate I was given by my former agent, who had access to all the same information.

Steve appears to live by Winston Churchills famous quote never, ever, ever, ever give up. I very much appreciate his help.”