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K. W.

“Ask Steve (a poem)

Should you purchase life time insurance? Don’t ask Steve. Ask your spouse. Watch your children at play. Then ask yourself the question.

Don’t ask Steve about the risks in life. Look around, read, and watch the news. Don’t obsess on the multifarious ways to perish. Yet understand that there is a number associated with your days here.

Now that you clearly see you want insurance, call Steve. He takes over. There will be a few phone calls and e-mails. No pestering. It all happens while you are busy with the reason you need the insurance in the first place.

When you receive your policy, good things will happen. You sleep deeper. Paradoxically, you take better care of yourself. After all, you’ve contemplated your value to those you hold dear. And you add Steve to the list of people to whom you are most grateful.”