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Mark G.

“My current policy premium had been escalating, every year, since I was through the premium guarantee period, and I knew I couldn’t continue it.

I contacted Steve, told him my situation, including the fact that I had tried to get insurance 5 years previously and was quoted an extremely high premium by one company and was turned down by another.

Steve was very thorough during the pre-qualification process. This was important to me because he was determining — before we actually went through the formal application process — that a quote was available based upon my particular circumstances.

The bottom line is that Steve worked with me through the pre-qualification, the application, and the underwriting processes. A few days ago, my policy was issued with: (1) more than double the face amount of my current policy (which I am letting go); (2) a 15-year premium guarantee; and (3) a premium that is about equal to where my current policy premium was for this year.

I am very pleased with Steve’s professionalism and the results of his services. I have since referred two people to him with similar situations, and he is in the process now of helping them.

One more thing… I myself am an insurance agent in Oregon with many years of experience, but I found Steve’s expertise in dealing with people who have some medical issues very valuable. I found out about Steve online while doing a Google search for life insurance for someone with some adverse medical history.

The fact that he is all the way across the country was not a problem either. He communicated regularly through phone and email, and I received the documents I needed to sign in the mail, in a timely manner.

I highly recommend Steve’s services.”