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Peggy J.

“Recently I was thrown into a situation that my insurance expired and my carrier had not notified me. Upon “re-enlisting” my nightmare began. It was easy to qualify, for a few thousand dollars more per year. PER YEAR.

So I turned to the same company that I have my car insurance through and was quoted one price and — after the paperwork was done — was given another price, for a few thousand dollars more per year.

I was uninsured, self-employed, and couldnt afford the prices I was being charged. It was really a scary place knowing that if something was to happen to me, my husband would lose me, my income, and my company.

I was introduced to Steve by a fellow BNI-MN member. I was told Steve is an expert in hard-to-insure cases.

My life is very chaotic and I made it very difficult for Steve to communicate with me. He never gave up. No matter how many times I didnt answer emails or phone calls. Steve was patient when most would have given up!

He knew I needed help and he knew he could help me. Never did he treat me with disrespect or frustration. Steve went out of his way to help me. Even when he mailed papers out that NEEDED to be returned, he would call and remind me, of course after he called to ask me if I needed help filling the papers out.

Again, I cannot reiterate how much help Steve was during the entire process. He was kind, helpful and treated me with respect.

More importantly, he got me insured. Higher coverage for lower price. The peace of mind is priceless.

I would never put my name behind a referral unless my heart was there also. Steve has gained my trust, my respect, my business, and my heart.

Thank you Steve for everything.”