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Think Big, Stand Tall, Get Rich

YOU can be a mover.

A shaker.

A creator.

Especially if you are young.

Even if you have no money or family connections.

Despite what all the naysayers tell you.

And you can start it NOW.

You just need to be excited.

Can you hear the beat of your own drum?

Artist and Activist Henry Rollins helps us hear our own inner calling with this short and sweet video:

You know what the bottom line is here?

Very simply:

YOUR life is what YOU make of it!

Life is an “equal opportunity employer” when it comes to chances to be great.

No one has an edge.

We can each be a mover, shaker, or creator – in our own way! 

Generate your own excitement!

Everybody knows that “You can do whatever you set your mind to.”

And, “Don’t let anyone kill your dream.”

Sure, but let’s take a look at what that all means:

  • You are who you are because of who you come, not because of what you have. You know that, right? How many people do you know – or have heard about – that have a ton of stuff, but are bad apples?
  • We must each accept what we have and make the best of it.  We have what we have. Some people have more than you, and some have less. Whatever we have is our starting point. We take it from there.
  • A strong moral compass and sense of civic duty are key to getting the most out of yourself, and out of life.  It’s more than just thinking big – it’s thinking big and also tall. Big in the sense that you go for it – be all you can be. Tall in the sense that you stand tall and be able to look at yourself in the mirror each day of your journey.

People who think rich, get rich.

You can see how this all applies to the world of money.

Even people who start with nothing can become rich!

How many rags-to-riches stories have you heard?

Do you think these men and women sat around grumbling about what they didn’t have?!

No WAY!  They made the most of what they had. And so could you!

Turning lemons into lemonade.

There is always going to be somebody who has more money than you, and someone who has less.

Better connections than you, and also worse than you.

Attended a better school, and also a worse school.

None of it matters.

You have been given enough to run with. Nobody will make the most of it for you.

Only you can.

You just need to be excited about the prospects..

What excites you?