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This statement about money is a lie.

by Angie Carlson| 

“I am bad with my money” is not true.

Nearly every conversation I have lacks some context with that statement. After we start talking about being “bad with my money”, every person can tell me at least one thing that is holding them back on their money goals.

I promise you that you can identify one thing too (with or without my help).

After we start talking, here is what is really meant by the phrase “I am bad with my money.”

I love buying things now regardless of the cost.
I know what to do, yet I am making no progress with my debt.
I was taught nothing about money and have no idea how it works.
What relationships will I lose if I don’t spend how (insert name here) expects me to?
I’m scared that the more I pay off, the more my family will see me as their new ATM.
I’ve been told by (insert name here) that I am not capable of managing money well.
No one around me has ever done anything like this, therefore I can’t.
I’m not prepared for when life happens, so I go back to my credit card to pay for it.
I hate being uncomfortable and don’t want to change.
I’m looking for the easy way out and haven’t been able to find it.

These phrases are myth busting.

You are not “bad with your money.”

You are not clear on what is required for you to reach your money goals.

(That’s normal, BTW).

This is why your first conversation with me is free and no cost to you.

I can see what is holding you back and help show you what is going on that is deeper than being “bad with your money”.

People leave these calls with clarity on what is required to win, knowing why what they are doing isn’t working, and what staying on the current path looks like long term.

Link will be in the comments for you to book this call.

After working together, you will see:

You know more about money than you give yourself credit for
You can be prepared for when life happens
Experience the joy and excitement that comes when you control your money.
Let’s pair up on the journey to align your financial future with your desired future. The first step on that journey is to introduce yourself to me here: https://calendly.com/carlsonfinancialcoaching/15min

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