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Weathering the Storm Together

I think that it’s impossible for two people to live with each other without coming into conflict.

Whether due to difficult circumstances that arise or personal baggage that hasn’t been resolved yet, issues come up.

But it’s how you deal with those issues that makes all the difference.

In a post from a few months ago, Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom made some key suggestions for handling the storms that inevitably come in the course of a committed life.

My favorite suggestion was:

A good marriage doesn’t just happen; it requires a LOT of work and time and effort. Just like you couldn’t expect to build a muscular body without putting in a lot of time weight-lifting, so you can’t expect to have a strong marriage if you’re not constantly building it up.

Spouses with Medical Conditions

In my experience helping many people purchase life insurance, I find that most applicants are being treated for some sort of medical issue.

It could be diabetes, hepatitis, cancer history, heart disease, PTSD, or a multitude of other conditions.

When purchasing this product, people are naturally concerned about how the condition affects the cost of the coverage. Of course, an underlying cost is the wear and tear on the supportive partner.

Underwriters may not factor this in when assessing rates, but a sensitive spouse will always be mindful of it and try to keep it to a minimum.

An illness or disability can place quite a strain on the marriage. The tips in Crystal’s post can help you weather such storms.