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You Need More Than What to Financially Win?

by Angie Carlson|

“I only need a budget to financially win.”

This is just not true.

You can be budgeting to the penny with each paycheck AND
… not experience progress on your financial goals.
… not plan for any money to go into savings and/or retirement
… not know what circumstances arise later in the month that you don’t know of today
… not know that this is the month when (insert annual expense here) is coming out of your account
… not check in with the budget to ensure you are sticking to it.

Simply, the budget is a way to plan your spending.

Planning your spending and following the plan for spending are two completely different things.

Planning your spending is not a daily event.
Following the plan for your spending is a daily (or multiple times a day) exercise.

Just like you don’t expect six pack abs after one workout, you can’t expect that following your budget will go perfectly after one attempt.
It takes time.
Multiple attempts.

If you are tired of not seeing your results with everything you have tried, I understand.

I’m here for you.

As a financial coach, I specialize in helping couples communicate about finances so they align their money with their desired future. What does that look like in your relationship? If aren’t sure, I’d appreciate you reaching out to schedule an introductory conversation here: https://calendly.com/carlsonfinancialcoaching/15min

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