Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020
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"The U.S. stock market may enjoy the biggest rally ever when the pandemic is over"

From Wealth Advisor:

* President Donald Trump has said that, due to pent-up demand, the economy will eventually “pop back like nobody’s ever seen before.”


* There are seven reasons for a potential rally in the U.S. stock market:



"While the Economy Goes Bust, Farm-to-Table Booms"

From TownHall:

* There is an argument to be made that the coronavirus pandemic could change the food supply chain for the long term. It may disrupt across the board our reliance on distant producers, processing plants and large chain grocery stores.


* For months during this pandemic, consumers who used to drive to the supermarket to buy prepackaged food have instead gotten food delivery literally from a farm to their table. People are getting hooked on direct food sourcing and eating healthier because of it.



"Restaurant Owners Now Face Another Problem--One Republicans Warned Would Happen"

From TownHall:

* Coronavirus has presented a number of challenges to the restaurant industry, and now, owners are speaking out about another one: unemployment benefits are paying staff more than they'd make working.” 


* “Heck, if they’re making more money sitting at home … I’m fearful that some may not want to come back,” restaurant and bar co-owner Adam Rammel of Ohio told Politico. 


* "This isn't an abstract, philosophical point — it's an immediate, real-world problem," they said. "If the federal government accidentally incentivizes layoffs, we risk life-threatening shortages in sectors where doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are trying to care for the sick, and where growers and grocers, truckers and cooks are trying to get food to families' tables."



"Israeli Professor Debunks Government Claims That Lockdowns Slow Coronavirus Infection, Proves Worldwide Decline In Spread"

From TownHall:

* Most importantly, Professor Ben-Israel debunks the misconception of government lockdowns or controls as a leading cause of coronavirus infection rate reductions. "Some may claim that the decline in the number of additional patients every day is a result of the tight lockdown imposed by the government and health authorities. Examining the data of different countries around the world casts a heavy question mark on the above statement.


* Professor Ben-Israel concludes the same as we have heard from some conservative pundits, like Jesse Kelly. "Severe lockdown has some negative implications. Its immediate result is an increase in the level of unemployment and the drop in GDP ... This will eventually lead to an increase in poverty, as well as an increase in loss of human life due to other diseases." 


* Nonetheless, Ben-Israel recognizes the risk of the disease and notes that "it is advisable to continue with low-cost measures, such as wearing masks, expanding testing for defined populations and prohibiting mass gatherings." 


* Professor Ben-Israel showed us that closures do not reduce the spread of coronavirus. We need to accept this reality, we need to admit we overreacted and that coronavirus closures were a mistake, and we need to go back to work. Now. 


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