Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - March 28, 2020

March 28, 2020
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“Preliminary Thoughts – The New World Order”

From Advisor Perspectives:

* The end of the capital markets as we have known them?

"Insurers’ role during COVID-19 pandemic: provide clarity and direction"

From Compere Media:

* As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, what do we expect from insurers?

"Congress's relief bill may stop the next Great Recession, but at a cost"

From Washington Examiner:

* Just how large is $2 trillion? After all, this isn’t manna from heaven;

* Just for the sake of looking, how much will each adult, on average, owe, assuming the stimulus is funded with debt spread equally across the U.S. population? Two trillion divided by 253 million people over the age of 18 yields $8,000.