Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - May 3, 2020

May 03, 2020
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"9 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Sure Your Business Stays Afloat"

From The Hartford:

* Running a small business is challenging. But now, these challenges have multiplied thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. So, how can you keep your business afloat over the next few months until this is behind us? Here are nine things you need to do right now.


"Fisher Investments on Election-Year Uncertainty: This, Too, Shall Pass"

From Real Clear Markets:

* As hype over candidates’ policies grows, many investors fall into the trap of believing stocks have a better chance if their preferred party or politician looks likely to be in charge. If they aren’t, trouble awaits. But this is bias talking. A review of history shows neither party is innately good or bad for markets. That is why Fisher Investments urges staying politically agnostic when making investment decisions. Basing them on whether you like (or dislike) the party in power can be hazardous to your portfolio! Hence, we focus our political analysis on potential election outcomes’ likely impact on markets.


"An economic recovery starts by lifting small businesses back up"

From The Hill:

Congress has responded with three separate bills, including the $2 trillion Cares Act. Among its provisions are direct payments to Americans below certain income thresholds, guaranteed loans with critically generous debt forgiveness provisions to small businesses, and loans to large businesses. But Congress can and should take other steps to help businesses that do not involve the spending of such incredible amounts of money.


"The Coronavirus Economy Is a Preview of the Green New Deal Economy"

From National Review:

* It’s nice to see an environmentalist finally acknowledging the inherent economic tradeoff of their vision. Holthaus is absolutely correct that implementing a plan like the Green New Deal would hold approximately the same gruesome economic consequences as the coronavirus crisis — except, of course, forever. The point of modern environmentalism, as Greta Thunberg has hinted, is the destruction of wealth. This process is what Holthaus, and others, euphemistically call “degrowth.” 


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here