Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - May 4, 2020

May 04, 2020
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"The Top 10 Ways Hackers Get Around Your Firewall And Anti-Virus To Rob You Blind"

From Holzsager Technology:

* Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on small and medium businesses who are "low hanging fruit." Don’t be their next victim! This report reveals the most common ways that hackers get in and how to protect yourself today.


"Purdue’s Smart Approach To COVID-19: Planning For Fall"

From Forbes:

* Daniels notes that younger Americans are less likely to get this coronavirus and, far more important, most of those who do get it suffer only modest discomfort —similar to what one gets catching flu bugs that confront us annually. The dangers to most college students from COVID-19 are extremely small. Hence, why seriously compromise their education at this critical stage in their lives? To be sure, as Daniels acknowledges, there are some older members of the university community, including many teachers, who are more at risk, and having them teach remotely makes more sense on health grounds. The proposed Purdue approach seems similar to what Sweden is doing now.


"Who will be the winners in a post-pandemic economy?"

From Wealth Advisor:

* Those businesses that have designed their solutions to use the full potential of cloud computing, will not buckle under the pressure. For instance, the cloud gives businesses easy access to digital payment methods. It has enabled companies to continue working, by rapidly and securely providing access to business applications to their employees working at home. Yet it also provides financial flexibility, allowing those seeing a slow-down to wind down the technology costs of business lines that are facing challenges.

* Meanwhile, supply chains are having to reconfigure themselves in real time. As the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators and other medication spikes, manufacturers are having to retool and reinvent themselves. For instance, the Royal Mint turned its hand to producing medical visors, while Dyson and many other manufacturers, large and small, are producing ventilators or PPE.


"Coronavirus debt will kill Left's policy dreams"

From Washington Examiner:

* If there is a silver lining to this disaster, it is that scarcity has a way of forcing sobriety. In the wake of the coronavirus, the nation will surely lose its appetite for dramatic new spending proposals on ever-growing liberal wish lists. 


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here