COVID-19 and the Scandal of Nursing Home “Care”

May 27, 2020
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Over the last few years, I had the privilege of helping my father, mother, aunt, and uncle arrange for personal care in the final stage of their lives.  We had to make decisions about what kind of care would be needed when, including the time when their final days were coming. Each one told me unequivocally, “Do not send me to a nursing home. I do not want to die there.” 

They were afraid of being dumped in a home and forgotten. Of course, my family would never do that, but I knew that these institutions had that reputation. Case in point: my father did spend some time in a home for rehab from hip surgery. A relative or friend of the family was in touch with the facility every day, to keep an eye on things. 

The Director there told me how astounded he was at the level of attention our family gave my father. He said, with a good amount of sadness, that the families of the vast amount of his patients “simply left their ‘loved one’ at his doorstep, and disappeared.”

The abandonment of the old and sick seems to be common practice. Shame on us.

And shame on the governors of all the states that dumped Corona patients in nursing homes. Their attitude was, “Hey, patients there are going to die anyway. No harm in exposing them to a deadly disease.”


As if it’s a benevolent act to speed up their demise. Mercy killing with Corona.

Of course, nobody asked those patients if they wanted their government to torture them a bit with a deadly virus before they choked on their last breath. And nobody asked the nursing home personnel if they wanted to get a dose, either.

What these government officials did was evil. I am sure they will have to face the wrath of the families of their victims for the rest of their careers. And who knows - maybe they will have to face the wrath of the souls of their victims in the hereafter.

But the rest of society had a hand in this horror as well. If we hadn’t been treating nursing homes in general as dumping grounds for the “old and in the way,” the politicians might not have thought they could have gotten away with their evil deeds. They might have had to think twice.

We need to upgrade our use of nursing homes so they won’t be tempted to do so again. 

Do you agree?