Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - July 2, 2020

July 02, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

A recent article in an insurance industry trade publication, talks about the attraction of "Linked Benefit" products in today's volatile environment. See below from Broker World. 

What have you heard about the policies that combine long-term care coverage with life insurance? What would you like to know?



"Painful Lessons for Getting an Investment Deal on 'Shark Tank'"

* Just remember that fire forges steel. Business owners must be extremely prepared so that investors believe their capital can multiply instead of burning in the flames of ineptitude or excuses. Sensitive viewers may think O’Leary is too unforgiving. He’s not. Financial expertise is why O’Leary has amassed an estimated $400 million fortune. The absence of it leaves delicate opinionators stuck daydreaming and eating bon-bons.



"The Hidden Expense Of Working At Home"

From Wealth Advisor:

Despite the potential for savings on commuting-related expenses, dry cleaning bills, and shopping for work attire, there are other less-obvious expenses that can really pile up while working from home.

Many employees may not realize they are likely plunking down significant change on below-the-radar things like electricity bills, phone data plans, supplies for their home office, and personal device wear and tear, says Patrick Donnelly, vice president and senior wealth advisor at The Colony Group, a registered investment advisor.



"How Steve and MJ turned a hobby into a successful company"

From e-Myth:

* We’ve quickly become almost experts on a national level. We did a seminar last week and we had 125 people actively engaged in the call for over an hour, asking questions nonstop. We’ve realized that we're probably not going back to live in-person events soon, and virtual events for the future became the forefront. We've always been focused on a little geographical area, a little New Jersey footprint. And now we're doing events in California, in Florida, Chicago—everywhere. It's been great having the honor to talk to them because they’d never have been clients before. So that's been exciting, but has also made it seem that we could achieve success on a national level more easily than we’d have thought. 


It really goes back to mindset. A lot of other businesses have really taken the time to be almost doom and gloom—thinking they're going out of business. They're just trying to find ways to survive. But we took the other side, being very open minded about what we've been dealing with and trying to best manage.



"What’s In Your Wallet: The Impact Of Covid-19 On Retirement And Estate Planning"

From Broker World:

* "Of course, just as one size does not fit all, some people will favor different strategies, but many people will be responsive to linked-benefit life insurance/LTCI products (LB) and may be eager to fund such products by transferring, or re-allocating, assets from low-performing or risky assets.

Insurers will be concerned about profitability but will value the LB market because LB products offset mortality and longevity exposure. If mortality costs increase, long term care costs are likely to decrease and vice versa.



Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here