Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - September 2, 2020

September 02, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Did you know that when life insurance requirements do not require an exam to process your application, they still check you out on multiple databases?

See the info below from National Life Group.


"5 steps for documenting systems'

From e-Myth:

* You need to have a plan for effectively documenting all the key routines you have in your business. And you need to find a balance that works for you.  

Since the work of systems documentation will be taking place concurrently with all of the regular daily tasks and operations of your business, it's vital to have a well thought-out strategy.  Allowing sufficient time and resources from the start will prevent missteps down the road.


"Why The Housing Market Is One Of The Hottest Trends In A Pandemic"

From Wealth Advisor:

* In many ways, the time spent inside during the strict lockdowns across the country probably caused many Americans to rethink how they live. Further, with the likelihood that there may be another stricter lockdown in the fall, many want to get their housing situation worked out during the hot summer months.

Another group of Americans see a unique opportunity in the housing market. Rather than acquiring a new personal residence, they are looking to buy property to rent out.


"What Is the Violence in American Cities All About?"

From Townhall:

* The point of the mob is to wipe out what it cannot create.

It topples what it can neither match nor even comprehend.

It would erode the very system that ensures it singular freedom, leisure and historic affluence.

The brand of the anarchist is not logic but envy-driven power: to take it, to keep it, and to use it against purported enemies -- which would otherwise be impossible in times of calm or through the ballot box.


"Understanding LexisNexis Risk Classifier"

From National Life Group:

* A risk classifier score is not based on a single factor. Rather, it is the combination of multiple data points from these three general buckets that are used to determine an applicant's relative mortality risk. 



Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here