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An exploration of the many uses business owners have for life insurance.

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How Business Owners Use Life Insurance to Protect Against the Loss of a Key Person

As any business owner knows, when it comes to running a company, everyone counts. You can’t bring in money without…
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How Business Owners Use Life Insurance to Fund Partnership Agreements

It’s a common practice for business owners to take on partners. While there are many reasons behind why you may…
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Chick-fil-A Owner Upholds Corporate Standards

Let’s say you owned a respectable fast food franchise. Every day you serve affordable, flavorful food in a bright, warm environment to hundreds of happy customers. Then one day, in walks a homeless man. He wants to know if you…
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How Can You Be a Better Boss?

Leadership isn’t easy. A lot goes into organizing and inspiring a team, overseeing and delegating tasks, and making course corrections in light of the results. I think that we’ve all benefited a lot over the past decades from the increased…
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Corporate Welfare and Life Insurance

Everyone likes to buy stuff. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Yankees or Mets fan. You and I both have stuff that we are willing to trade our hard-earned money for. When a company does…
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Do You Think This Good Will Can Translate Into More Business?!

TD bank in Canada turned an ATM into an Automated Thanking Machine and recorded customers’ reactions to receiving personalized gifts dispensed through a small door that opened in front of them. “Never in all my life have I had such…
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Team Building Through Small Business

Americans are extremely demoralized. The current administration has divided the country according to political ideology, economic status, gender, race, sexual preference, and citizenship. Congress has lost the confidence of its constituents. People are crying out for solid leadership. Such a…
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How to Get Life Insurance and Plan Your Estate

How to get life insurance and plan your estate? That was a topic recently discussed by two close friends and business owners. Ross, a 50-year-old manufacturing industry executive, sits down for lunch one day with long-time friend George, a 68-year-old…
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