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Forest Man: The Difference One Person Can Make

Since the 1970’s, Jadav Payeng worked hard to save his the place of his birth, the Indian island of Majuli. Over the decades, Jadav has single-handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park. Jadav’s forest has become a sanctuary for animals such as elephants, lions, and apes, who seek refuge in the dense foliage. His forest has transformed an area that was once described as a “barren wasteland” into a lush oasis of nature. Humble, passionate, and philosophical, Jadav shows us all what a difference a single person can make in the world. This very short documentary “Forest Man” by William D. McMaster takes us into the inspiring world of Jadav’s forest.

Our “environment” is really a combination of natural elements and what humans have created. It is asserting an influence on us all the time; some of the results can be good for us, but others can pose dangers.

For example, I have a number of clients with a cancer history. They were from Russia and were affected by the contamination of the land from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor failure. I also have provided quotes for people who worked inside nuclear power plants and unfortunately contracted cancer as well.