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How Much is Your Self-Worth, Worth?

The purchase of life insurance is very much about self-worth, about holding yourself and others in high esteem. People buy a policy so their surviving family members can retain their independence. No one has to feel the shame of asking relatives for support, or receiving communal funds, or going on welfare.

People of sizable estates buy life insurance to preserve the dignity of their heirs. With a sufficient benefit, assets don’t have to be sold at a discount just to pay estate taxes and other debts. The forced liquidation of a prized residence, business, or other property just to pay off creditors can be very humiliating.

Every person, regardless of his or her income and assets, can feel good about himself if he is self-reliant. A person who makes $30,000 per year can be as proud of himself as someone who makes $30 million if he has the means to make his way on his own. Life-insurance preserves that independence for the beneficiary when the insured is no longer in the picture.

The current administration promotes government dependence, not individual independence. Those values are in direct conflict with human psychology and American tradition. The White House says it is a good thing that Obamacare will drive 2.5 million Americas out of the workforce. Do you agree that giving people an incentive to work less is good for them?

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