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How to Walk the Walk

Are some people just better than other people?

Do people act “good” naturally?

Isn’t it enough to just talk about doing the right thing?

No, No, and No!

You know that talking the talk is easy.

So how do we learn to walk the walk?

A Prescription for Living

These days, “prescription” mean drugs.

A quick fix.

Treat the symptoms.

Not so among the ancients… “Prescription” back then meant a way to live.

To quote Marcus Aurelius:

“From Rusticus: The recognition that I needed to train and discipline my character. Not to be sidetracked by my interest in rhetoric. Not to write treatises on abstract questions, or deliver moralizing little sermons, or compose imaginary descriptions of The Simple Life or The Man Who Lives Only for Others. To steer clear of oratory, poetry, and ‘belles lettres.’ Not to dress up just to stroll around the house, or things like that. To write straightforward letters (like the one he sent my mother from Sinuessa). And to behave in a conciliatory way when people who have angered or annoyed us want to make up. To read attentively – not to be satisfied with ‘just getting the gist of it.’ And not to fall for every smooth talker. And for introducing me to Epictetus’s lectures – and loaning me his own copy.” – Meditations, I.7

Integrity is a big deal.

And guess what?

People who act with integrity are admired, respected, and have extremely positive interactions with people.

On Your Honor

Of course, anybody can tell you that “If you want to succeed, you need to be disciplined.”

Not so fast.

There is more to the story- if you really do want to walk the walk.

  • Developing a strong moral character takes work. It is not as if people are born good. They certainly can be inclined towards good things, but they need to work hard to cultivate a good personality. You have to practice being good.
  • The saying that “people who cannot do, teach (or preach)” is sometimes true. People often take their personal failings too seriously. They give up on themselves and take the easy way out, which is to try to influence people with words.They forget that actions speak louder than words.
  • It takes two to tango. If other people are acting petty or cheap, your interaction with them will not be bad unless you stoop to that level. But if you choose top be the Big Person, you can encourage them to rise up to your level. Needless hostility can be avoided.

This is Certainly True in the World of Money

There are many financial gurus out there.

There are teachers, mentors, advisors, and bloggers.

Many people can talk the talk.

But who walks the walk?

Who actually is successful?

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

That’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

People need to back up what they say.

This is true whether they are talking about politics, finance, arts, or science.

Do you know people who walk the walk as well as talk the talk? How are they able to do it?