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Knowledge IS Power!

Who should teach your children?

A professional educator?

A private tutor?

A priest, rabbi, or other clergyman?

A local politician? (Who do you think gets your local school its funding?)

How about YOU?

A good education is priceless.

Renowned emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius thought so. Here is what he said in his Meditations:

“My great-grandfather – to avoid the public schools, to hire good private teachers, and to accept the resulting costs as money well-spent..” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations I.3

To put it plainly:

The education of your child is vital. You should not settle for less with public schools just because they are “free.”


Because the exercise of your mind is essential for finding meaning in life. You can then understand how the world works.

Because the formation of good study habits is critical for making decisions. You can get the info you need to know and sort it all out.

And because knowledge is power.

Is this really news?

It isn’t to people who are confident in what they know.

These folks have busted the myth that knowledge should be reserved for the “experts.”

Odds are that YOU are one of these people! You may not even realize it. But you can tell by asking yourself if you believe the following:

  • People are smarter than they think – and smarter than they have been led to believe by educators who settle for mediocrity. Most people on the planet just want to be average. And that includes teachers – who then encourage their students to settle for less.
  • Education is too important to leave in the hands of the government, which is often swayed by political interests. For sure, the teaching of civic duty is essential. But students should not be pushed into acting on a specific agenda – not the teacher’s, not the district’s, and not the state’s.
  • Families are primarily responsible for the education of their children. Yes, it’s true. You know what is best for your kids. You know them better than anyone. So you should take charge of their education. Who better?

This goes for money education, too!

When was the last time you taught your children about money?

I bet you have a TON of great stuff to teach your kids about the “real world:”

How to get a job. How to hold a job. How to work your way up. How to save for the future. How to prepare for emergencies. How to invest wisely. How to manage risks. How to learn from your mistakes.

Insurance. Investments. Pensions. Taxes.

What have you learned? What can you teach? Your kids NEED YOU TO TELL THEM.

You know what you know.

The world keeps telling us we must go to the experts for knowledge.

This is certainly true, in a way. But what the masters tell us can really only shape and direct what we have learned for ourselves.

Their job is to help us understand that knowledge is a free commodity and is ours for the taking.

In doing so we take charge of our own lives.

For knowledge IS power.

What do you think?

Are you confident in what you know – about life insurance?

About finances?

About life?