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Keeping It Fun For Clients

Have you ever bought something and felt that the salesman wasn’t really interested in you?

When was the last time you bought something and actually had fun making the purchase?

Believe it or not, giving the client a most satisfying buying experience is done all the time.

As a matter of fact, some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs make it a priority.

Secrets of the billionaires

Author Steven Kotler shares this wisdom and many other secrets of these billionaires in his article for Entrepreneur.com.

I really was knocked over by Richard Branson’s approach to his customers:

5. Emphasize a customer-centric approach. Branson’s fiery devotion to fun is relayed to his dedicated clientele and fervent fans. The net effect is a business strategy based on experimental customer-centrism. If Branson thinks a particular service might be beneficial to his customers (and fun), he tries it out. This is why Virgin Atlantic offers free seat-back TVs, onboard massages, a glass-bottomed plane and stand-up comedians. “…It’s about getting every little detail right. It is running your airline like you would an upscale restaurant — the kind where the owner is there every day,” he added.

Is it any wonder that people go out of their way to fly Virgin Atlantic?!

Those of us in business for ourselves should strive to have people flock to our doors, don’t you think?

Quite clearly the key is making the experience of doing business with us fun, entertaining, and something to remember.

Red carpet treatment

You know what I think?

The life insurance business is long overdue for a “fun makeover.”

Sure, those clients who spend big money on our policies get the red carpet treatment…

They are wined and dined and driven to exams in limousines…

But in my brokerage, people who don’t spend megabucks on their coverage still get optimum service.

They are given quotes at which we are confident they will be approved.

Their applications are promptly expedited.

They are continuously updated with our progress.

I personally try to make them feel like a “welcome guest in my (life insurance) home.”

How can life insurance be made more fun?

But is everybody having fun?

How can people have fun answering all the nosy questions about medical condition and lifestyle and finances?

Who wants to get their blood drawn and provide a urine sample?

What about all those cumbersome forms to complete?

I’ll be honest with you…this article was a bit of a revelation.

I want to give my business a huge infusion of fun.

…And I don’t mind saying that I am open to suggestions!

My team and I are going to rack our brains for ways to keep a smile on our clients’ faces all throughout the life insurance purchasing process — and we welcome your input.

What would have made the experience more fun for you when you bought your life insurance policy?