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This is Your Brain on Compassion

You’ve had a long week…

How can you give your brain a pick-me-up?

Through being caring and thankful!

Dr. Amit Sood has produced a short but enlightening presentation on how the brain works with regards to our moods.

In just a few minutes, he covers three essential points in how our brain experiences life:

  • how we feel the pain of others
  • imaginary pain compared to real pain
  • physical pain versus emotional hurt

Best of all, he provides a quick and easy solution for how our brain can become happy.

On a personal note:

I have been in the company of many, many people feeling hurt and pain, including people on their deathbed. I am sure you have as well.

I have found that in supporting them we take on some of their burden. That load can become quite heavy.

One way I have tried to lighten the weight is by trying to feel compassion for them.

Their hurt and pain is the result of a struggle they have been going through. I try to honor the effort they have made.

That helps me become less judgmental and critical of them.

In doing so my heart become softer and the load become a little lighter.

What ways have worked for you for dealing with the pain of others?