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Retire in Your 30’s…And Then What?

Over the past week I have had a truly enriching dialogue online with Jeremy of GoCurryCracker.com fame.

Jeremy retired in his 30s and has been traveling the world with his wife Winnie.

(Seriously, check out his blog – it is really cool. Living the dream!)

Jeremy and I connected on J. Money’s personal finance blog, Budgets are Sexy.

(This blog is more like a school of eminently practical ways to monetize and economize…check it out as well.)

Jeremy appeared as a guest author. He told the fantastic tale of how he was able to retire in his 30s.

We really got into it in the comments section! My questions dealt a lot with the deeper issues:

  • How does someone find meaning in life once they don’t have to work?
  • Really, once they don’t have to do anything?
  • How do you structure your time?
  • Or do you structure your time at all?

Here’s how I put it:

What about a daily discipline for personal growth? Doing what you want when you want is ideal, but at the same time, we need to “remake” ourselves from a self-development point of you. And that involves doing the push-ups, or going for the run, or sitting down for the meditation, or whatever other “work” on ourselves we need to do. Without such a discipline, we can get mentally and physically soft, and less effective in our life’s work. Is there a place for this in your life? Do you feel it is important?

Check out the full exchange. It was a delight to “go deep” with Jeremy.

What about you? How would you spend your time if you didn’t have to spend it in any particular way?